Hunan Hengguang Heangyang Hengrong Hengyang Fenglian

Hengyang Hengrong High Purity SemiconductorMaterial Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise that develops, produces andprocesses germanium metal semiconductor materials.

The company is a subsidiary company ofHunan Hengguang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. located in Hengyang, Hunan, animportant industrial city in the central and southern region. The factory islocated in Hengyang Pine Economic Development Zone, a key national finechemical industry base, with perfect supporting facilities and convenienttransportation.

Founded in June 2014, the company hasregistered capital of 12 million yuan and occupied an area of about 11.7 mu.Now it has the production scale of 20 tons of melted germanium ingot and 30tons of high purity germanium dioxide products annually, and its productioncapacity ranks first in China.

The company adopts advanced productiontechnology of germanium processing at home and abroad, adheres to themanagement concept of "quality first, customer first", strictlycontrols product quality. The product has the advantages of high whiteness,uniform particles, low volatility and high germanium content. The purity of theproduct can reach 99.99999% through the U.S. E.A.G. GDMS test, and it is in theleading international level.

The company has passed the ISO 9001 qualitymanagement system certification, and is a member of the Material AnalysisTechnology Committee of the National Semiconductor Equipment and MaterialStandardization Technical Committee. It has drafted YS/T 602-2017 and GB/T11069-2017. The company is recognized as a new material enterprise in HunanProvince, which belongs to the development support project of thecivil-military integration industry in Hunan Province.

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