NaClO 3

Molecular formula:NaClO3

Molecular weight:106.44

Physical properties:usually white or yellowish equiaxed crystals. In the metastable state, it is crystalline or orthorhombic, salty and cool, soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. It has strong oxidation in acidic solution. Oxygen is decomposed above 300 C. Sodium chlorate is unstable. Mixed with phosphorus, sulphur and organic matter, it is easy to burn and explode when impacted. It is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. It is toxic.

Uses:Mainly used in water purification, paper making, health care, metallurgy, chemical industry, enamel, perchlorate, chlorite, etching fluid and other industries.

Cautions for storage and transportation:Sodium chlorate is an inorganic oxidant, white to yellowish crystalline or powder, which releases oxygen when heated and decomposes, and has a lively nature.

More substances may explode:

1. Organic substances, such as grease, asphalt, flour, sawdust, coal powder, carbon powder, organic solvents, and other organic substances:

2. Metal powder, magnesium powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, zinc powder, etc.

3. Concentrated sulfuric acid

4. Reductive substances, such as sulfur and phosphorus. Acids can produce toxic gases. In the course of storage and transportation, it is strictly forbidden to store and transport with the above substances. Careful handling, no towing, keep the packaging intact and clean, when burning can be extinguished with water.

包裝:Packaging: Sodium chlorate is packed in 25kg, 50kg and 1000kg, polypropylene woven bags with polyethylene bags, and 50kg bags with iron drums.

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