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  • 2018
    Our company's new fine chemicals products aminosulfonic acid, calcium-aluminium hydrotalcite, cysteamine have been put into production.
  • 2017年04月
    It means our company's business expand to  the field of fine chemical industry when  Hengyang Fenglian Fine Chemical Co.,  established.
  • 2016年8月
    Our company has acquired the qualification of hazardous waste disposal That means  our business expanded to the field of environmental protection services.
  • 2014年11月18日
    Hunan Hengguang Technology Co., listed in New OTC Market with the stock code of 831359
  • 2014年06月
    It means our business  expands to the field of new semiconductor materials when Hengyang Henglong High Purity Semiconductor Material Co., Ltd.
  • 2011年-2014年
    Hunan Hengguang Technology Co.,Ltd.increased its capital and shares to 80 million yuan.
  • 2011年05月
  • 2009年-2011月
    Our company introduces external strategic investors such as Xiangjiang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Hunan Trust Co., Ltd. , Hualing Tianjin Shirt, Hunan Hualing Jinshan Investment Management Co., Ltd. etc.
  • 2009年07月
    Hunan Hengguang Chemical Co., Ltd.'s 300,000 tons pyrite sulphuric acid production line put into operation
  • 2008年12月8日
    Hunan Hengguang Technology Co.,Ltd. is established
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